What is the cost and process to develop a web site?

Please be aware that all of these costs are estimates only and may not be exact representations of final expenses.
  • First, there is a charge to register a domain name with a registration agency (We typically use Network Solutions or GoDaddy). The fee is variable, depending upon how many years you agree to. For example, with GoDaddy, registering costs approximately $9 per year. Be aware that you have to pick a name for your domain that no one else has already reserved. Once this process is completed, the customer owns that domain, as long as they pay the annual fee. Out There Digital will assist you through this entire process.

  • Once you have reserved the domain, then you have to pay a server to host the website on their computers. At the server we recommend (MacHighway.com), for a small site, the cost is $4.95 per month, paid in advance for one year, which amounts to $49.95 per year. This gives you 10 GB of space on the server for your website and 10 email addresses. That way, you can receive all of your email with your own domain name. For instance, our business name is Out There Digital. We registered our domain and have our business website up on the Itsamac server. We get all our email through that server and our email addresses reflects our business (mary@OutThereDigital.com & chuck@OutThereDigital.com).

  • The final cost to the customer is for creation of the website, itself. We are currently charging customers $35 per hour for our work, which is considerably less than that charged by most professional webmasters. We have found that an hourly charge works out best because customers are tremendously different in what they want, and that translates into hugely different amounts of time to develop their ideas into a website. Of course, the total charge for the website development is related to how complex the site is to be. For example, a simple two to five page site could be easily created for well under $500, while a much more complex site could run into the thousands.

What are the costs for our other services?

We charge a flat rate of $35 per hour for all other services we perform.
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